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McKie keeps promise to Pole Yard residents

McKie keeps promise to Pole Yard residents


Residents in the village of Pole Yard in the Arnos Vale Community are expressing their appreciation to the Area Representative Cecil McKie as well as the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) for keeping their promise and installing a second community pipe in their village.{{more}}

The first community pipe was put in some three months ago and was placed at the top of the village, with the promise to install a second pipe at the lower end of the community once there was satisfaction with the use of the first pipe.

After careful consideration based on feedback from villagers on the use and management of pipe number one, the Area Representative McKie and the CWSA agreed to put in pipe number two, which was completed on July 21, 2011.

Apart from their obvious delight at having the use of a second pipe which is more conveniently placed at the lower end of the village, residents expressed appreciation to the Area Representative and the CWSA, and were also proud to have assisted with the digging of the trench and laying of the pipes in the installation process and creating an appropriate environment in the area where the pipe is placed to provide comfort for the users and to avoid swamping.

In partnership with the Area Representative, the villagers will now turn their attention to entering a Soft Ball Cricket Team in the TBPO competition, preparing their children for the commencement of school in September 2011 and other developmental projects for the residents. Discussions have also been initiated for the relocation of residents, given the plans to construct a major retaining wall in the area as part and the development plans for establishing a New City at the E.T. Joshua Airport site.

Meanwhile, residents of Warner Hill in another community of Arnos Vale are also singing praises with the recent repairs undertaken on the seriously deteriorated lone access road to their village. Collaboration between the Area Representative, Public Works and BRAGSA facilitated urgent attention to repairs to this road which was at an advanced stage of disrepair.