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Calma Balcombe awarded by CAPSS

Calma Balcombe awarded by CAPSS


Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown Calma Balcombe has been awarded for her contribution to Education in the Caribbean.{{more}}

Balcombe was honoured by the Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools (CAPSS) at a recently held Conference. The conference took place in Jamaica from July 17 to July 22, 2011. Balcombe was the only representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the conference and has been attending CAPSS conferences since 2003.

Balcombe told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview on Tuesday, July 26, that she was overwhelmed upon receiving the award, adding that it came as a total surprise. Balcombe was awarded for her outstanding performance in Education in the Caribbean. She explained that the award deals with her contribution as a teacher, Vice principal, Principal and Dean of Discipline.

Balcombe has been the Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown since 2001. Prior to that, she was a teacher at the said school and also at the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.

Speaking about her experience as a participant in the conference, Balcombe stated that she learnt a lot from the ‘very interesting sessions.’

Balcombe added that emphasis was placed on the principals and schools within the region moving together as one, toward education. Sessions also focused on positive socialization for teachers and children. She added that she plans to implement much of what she has learnt, stressing on the positive socialization in schools for teachers and students and differential learning, which she stated will come in handy, given that there are different levels of abilities present at school.

“What I’ve learnt at this conference, I’m going to try over a period of time to see how much I can use for the improvement of quality education, because that’s the bottom line, improving quality education in your school,” Balcombe said.

Other sessions at the conference included ‘Leadership Requirements for 21st Century Schools’ presented by Principal of the Vauxhall High in Jamaica, Neville Ying, and ‘Towards a Coherent Philosophy of Secondary Education in the Caribbean’ by Dr Didacus Jules, CXC Registrar, among others.

Speaking of her personal experience in Education over the years, Balcombe stated that it has become increasingly challenging as each new batch of students entering the secondary school brings with them new situations to the classrooms. “So you have to be constantly on your toes to deal with what’s happening,” Balcombe said. She added that the key to dealing with challenging situations is to be proactive, to put structures in place, and to prevent certain maladies from occurring.

President of the local Association of Principals of Secondary School Frank Jones, on behalf of the association, congratulated Balcombe on her award, stating that she was richly deserving of the honour. He added that she has been an outstanding member of the local association. Balcombe currently serves as Secretary Treasurer of the association. She served as President of the association from 2007 to 2009. Balcombe expressed thanks to the CAPSS and also to the other Principals at the conference for their support.