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Allen’s back with ‘Round Table’ column


In today’s edition of SEARCHLIGHT, we welcome back, as a regular weekly columnist, Oscar Allen, one of the newspaper’s first four original columnists.{{more}}

Allen’s new column, called “Round Table with Oscar”, will focus on moral, ethical, spiritual and administrative exploration of current and significant subjects or themes.

When the first issue of SEARCHLIGHT rolled off the press on April 7, 1995, opinion pieces by Allen, Dr. Adrian Fraser, Renwick Rose and Bassy Alexander were included in that historic edition. Back then, Allen’s column was called “Back to Basics”.

Today, “The Love Vine” by Bassy Alexander and “Point of View” by Dr. Adrian Fraser are staples of Searchlight’s flagship Weekend edition, while Renwick Rose’s “Eye of the Needle” has been anchoring the Midweek’s edition since it was established in June 2010. Prior to that “Eye of the Needle” was published in the Weekend edition.

Now, after several years break from making regular weekly contributions, Allen, a farmer, local preacher and community activist is back. We welcome him back to the fold.