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Caribbean’s 1st combined television series ‘In the Dance’ on SVGTV


The Caribbean’s 1st globally syndicated television series “In the Dance” premiered on SVGTV last Thursday evening at 9:10pm.{{more}}

In the dance is a 30-minute dance program showcasing the ultimate dance experience in the Caribbean, targeting the growing and trendy youth market. It is a lifestyle program built around the great music and exhilarating dance moves that makes Jamaican dancehall culture so captivating, reminiscent of iconic series such as Soul Train and American Band Stand.

Program manager of SVGTV Maxian Harry says: “In the dance is a program that will definitely attract the dancers and dance enthusiasts in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, especially at a time when there are many dance competitions taking place”. He also added: “The program will set cultural trends and possibly launch the international careers for many dancers here, because there are plans in the future to have one of the episodes filmed in SVG”.

Different segments of the 30-minute show features “In the dance” (ITD) juggling segment, a Broadway inspired segment that sets the pace for ITD. Featured artiste, top reggae artistes will be featured in this segment. Show off segment, this is where solo dancers get 20 seconds in a ring to “show off” their hottest dance moves reminiscent of the Soul Train line, and finally the ITD Dance girls and dance contest.

Viewers who missed the primere of “In the dance” may turn on to SVGTV next Thursday at 9:10pm for another “dance-riffic” episode.