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Slater – No fuss if Airport completion is behind schedule

Slater – No fuss if Airport  completion is behind schedule


Minister of Foreign Affairs Douglas Slater has opined that no fuss should be made if the International Argyle Airport is completed “a few months or so” outside of scheduled time.{{more}}

Slater made comments on the completion of the airport during a signing ceremony at the Cabinet room on Tuesday, June 13, 2011. The OECC and the IADC signed a contract for the construction of the Terminal Building which will begin in August of this year. The completion of the airport, according to CEO of the IADC Rudy Matthias, will be in November of 2013.

Slater stated that persons should not be too bothered about the times and dates of completion as the date may shift due to weather conditions and other unexpected set backs that may occur as with any construction project.

“The most important thing is that we are working towards a finish. There is an estimated time around the end of 2013, but I don’t think the citizens of this country would or should hold us to the nozzle of a gun if that date changes by a few months or so,” Slater said.

Slater also addressed “nay-sayers” who still do not believe that there is indeed going to be an international airport in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. “To those nay sayers, to those doubting, I say wake up and smell the coffee or cocoa…pinch yourself and come to the realization that the International Airport at Argyle is real.

Expressing gratitude to the OECC and the Ambassador and people of Taiwan, he stated that the signing is another indication of the success of the foreign policy and the Coalition of the Willing and further thanked the Cubans, Venezuelans, Mexicans and others for being a part of the coalition.