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Senior Police Officers mark 20 years of service

Senior Police Officers mark 20 years of service


Several senior Police Officers of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) are giving thanks to God for achieving twenty years of service in the Force.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT caught up with the officers on Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at the Central Police Station.

The men celebrating twenty years are Sergeant Andre Hoyte, Corporal Gideon Black, Sergeant Sigmund Allen, Corporal Gregory Johnson, Sergeant Julian Caine, Constable Grantly DeShong, Corporal Lawrence Thomas and Chief Petty Officer Franklyn John.

Counting the achievement as a tremendous milestone, Caine stated

that his years in the Force, though not easy, have allowed him to meet people from across the region. He added that his work has also exposed him to many other fields. He hopes that he can continue to serve his country for many more years.

Also relating that he experienced ‘ups and downs’ during his time in the Force, Corporal Black, however, admitted that the job became easier and easier as time went along. “Each individual, they are different. So you have to know how to deal with them,” Black, who works at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, said. He also expressed hopes of continuing to serve his country for years to come.

Sergeant Hoyte said he did not think that he would last twenty years in the Force. He is, however, grateful that he has overcome many challenges and is now hoping to continue to “Do my best and serve my country.”

Though the road was long for Johnson, he admitted that he feels great about this achievement. “I’m hoping that God will spare my life to see another 20 years (in the Force),” he said.

Allen added that being in the Force was something that he always wanted to do, and twenty years is indeed a milestone.

The officers also thanked their family and friends and colleagues for their support throughout the years. The officers intend to celebrate their achievements with a fun day at the Rawacou Recreational Park on Saturday. (OS)