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Minister addresses security concerns on Union Island

Minister addresses security concerns on Union Island


The Minister of Tourism and Industry Saboto Caesar along with the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force met tourism stakeholders in the Southern Grenadines{{more}} on July 10, 2011 to address issues of security in the tourism sector.

A mechanism is expected to be put in place for enhanced contact between the community and the police.

Recommendations coming out of the consultation were that there be: Increased night and day patrol by police officers; the necessity of Port and Tourist Police on Union Island; the possible extension of opening hours of the police station in Ashton, Union Island, to two extra hours nightly; the establishment of a police sub-station on Mayreau and the increased presence of the Coast Guard in the Southern Grenadines.

Residents have also committed themselves to the setting up of a neighbourhood watch programme on Union Island to be put in place within the next two weeks.

Residents were urged by the Minister to be swift in their reportage of all suspicious activities. Minister Caesar also added that any evidence that can help in solving crimes should be brought forthwith to the police if we are to have the intended results of solving crimes affecting the sector.