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Park Hill Government holds first graduation ceremony

Park Hill Government holds  first graduation ceremony


by Collin CA$H Haywood 12.JUL.11

A kaleidoscope of emotions reigned last Thursday as the Park Hill Government School held its first graduation exercise at the school.{{more}} In a send-off befitting a secondary school, a packed audience was captivated by the package presented to and by the twenty-seven graduates. Many students were moved to tears as the reality of the termination of their seven year bond sank in.

Past student and feature speaker Camille Crichton evoked an ambience of nostalgia among the senior members of the audience, driving them down Memory Lane. The Professional Secretariat manager used her adventurous childhood experiences to emphasize the importance of the holistic development of the child. She encouraged the graduates to be disciplined and make wise decisions, “especially when choosing new friends in a different environment”. Crichton further cautioned the class to “Put God first and in the midst of everything”, in order to maximise their goals.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Education Officer Jacqueline Glasgow Browne, who challenged the graduates to inculcate positive work ethics, which are essential in their new environment. She elaborated on the sleeping adjustments necessary for students who will be travelling long distances. Additionally, Glasgow Browne encouraged the class to be studious and embrace the many student-centred initiatives provided by the Ministry of Education.

In his remarks, Headteacher Sydney Pereira highlighted the school’s many accomplishments throughout the year. Among these were graduates Dalisha Thomas’ third place performance in the Junior Calypso Competition and Kellon Strough’s athletic prowess in the Inter-Primary Schools Athletics Championship. Grade 5 student Wenisha James was also singled out for special mention, as she represented the school in the Literacy Enrichment Reading and Public Speaking Finals.

Abeo Gumbs was the valedictorian and recipient of the Language Arts and General Paper awards. Gumbs staunchly defended her first place position for 3 consecutive years but was upstaged by Drew-Ann Boyea who copped the Prime Minister’s Award as the school’s top Common Entrance performer. Drew-Ann also captured the Tyronne Burke’s Mathematics Award.

In a symbol of appreciation, graduate Danisha Thomas presented Grade 6 teachers Chesley Samuel and Donaval Da Souza with tokens on behalf of the Class of 2011. Both teachers were pleasantly surprised and visibly moved by the unexpected gesture. This was a fitting gesture, given that these teachers have maintained a minimum 55 per cent Common Entrance past rate (73 per cent in 2008) for the past five years.