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Steel and Glitter show cancelled


The six pan sides scheduled to take part in the Steel and Glitter show, on Thursday, June 30, showed up at the Victoria Park only to pack up their stuff and head home several hours later without even playing their instruments.{{more}}

This was due to an electrical problem that surfaced shortly after the scheduled 8pm start time. However, no word came of the show’s cancellation until approximately three hours later.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that an employee of a telecommunications company, who was stationed in the Media stand, was shocked by electricity and had to be rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for treatment. He was treated and discharged.

Some persons who were seated in the stands gradually left the park after spending hours waiting. Some of the bands spent the times entertaining themselves by beating the drums, while others sat with dejected looks on their faces.

An official news release from the Carnival Development Corporation, dated July 1, 2011, stated, “The Carnival Development Corporation, the Youlou Pan Movement and the Carnival Bands Association would like to apologize for the cancellation of the Steel and Glitter show at the Victoria Park last evening. This was due to an electrical problem over which the CDC and its component members had no control. Sections of the Bands would now be held on the Miss Carival show and Panorama would be held on the Dimanche Gras,” the statement read.

The statement continued: “Patrons who received tickets on leaving the park have the following options available. 1. A cash refund on tickets at the CDC’s office. Tickets must be presented no later than 4pm today, July 1. 2. Ten dollars off the Miss Carival tickets on presentation of the Steel and Glitter tickets. 3. Entrance to the Victoria Park at the Dimanche Gras show on presentation of the Steel and Glitter tickets.”

The release was signed by Chief Executive Officer at the CDC, Ashford Wood.(KW)