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Media workers attend workshop to better understand operations of the ECCB


Seven media practitioners representing six local media houses joined with counterparts from six other member countries of the East Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) to gain a better understanding of the operations of the East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).{{more}}

The media personnel looked at the role and functions of the Bank in the development of the Union, and were given training in building a foundation of economic knowledge, from which they would be able to draw as they present financial information to their various audiences.

The half day workshop, which took place at the ECCB agency office in Frenches, saw the participants interacting through video conferencing with the ECCB office in St. Kitts, as well as other media workers in Anguilla, Antigua, St. Lucia, Montserrat, Grenada and Dominica.

During the session, participants gained a better understanding of economic and financial terms used regularly in the discussion of financial issues, which may help them to communicate more effectively with government and other officials on economic matters.

The participants also received an overview of the key aspects of the ECCB’s agenda for 2010/2011, and its link with the ECCU in the form of a simulated call in radio program, using ECCB officials as facilitators, and the media workers as callers.

Also looked at during the workshop was the ECCU foreign reserves and their connection to the stability of the EC currency as well as economic and financial stability.

The participants were also engaged in economic debates, and created news articles based on a presentation by an ECCB official.

The workshop came on the eve of the ECCB economic report, which took place on Wednesday June 29, delivered by Governor Dwight Venner.

The local media houses represented were SVGBC, NICE Radio, NBC, Praise FM, Cross Country Radio and Searchlight.