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‘It will do the hotel no good to have excess staff and no guests.’

‘It will do the hotel no good to have excess staff and no guests.’


The recent decision taken by Human Resource personnel at the Buccament Bay Resort not to renew contracts is as a result of a struggling international economy.{{more}}

Joe Dubois, HR Manager at the resort, told SEARCHLIGHT that a decision had been taken not to renew the contracts of some workers because the books were not reading well.

He, however, said that of the 50 to 60 persons whose contracts had not been renewed, depending on their previous record, there was the possibility that they could be rehired.

Dubois commented after SEARCHLIGHT had been alerted to some recent layoffs at the multi-million dollar resort.

He said that the situation applied to contract workers only.

Dubois further explained that the letters received by some informing them that their work contracts were not being renewed at this time was quite sincere.

“It was all hands on deck with the anticipation that business would have been steadfast, but like anything else, business is a little fickle,” he said.

“It will do the hotel no good to have excess staff and no guests,” Dubois continued.

Persons most affected according to the HR manager were those employed in the food and beverage, housekeeping and engineering departments.

Nicholas Samuel, Kenroy Jack and Keon Cain, all residents of Layou, said that did not have their work contracts renewed.

The men were employed in the engineering department and had varying contracts ranging from five months as in the case of Cain, to one year for Samuel and Jack.

Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT that he was told to report to the HR office last Tuesday when he was given a letter stating that his contract was up and was not going to be renewed.

He added that the reason given to him was that business was slow and that once it had picked up again they would be called in again.

Cain and Jack said that they, too, received similar letters.

The three men contended that they did not agree with the comment that business was slow, saying that as carpenters and masons, work around the resort was always made available.

But Dubois maintained the view that at the end of a contract, one of two things could result – work continues or simply that they are not renewing the contract.

“We have not let the ball drop. We have been pushing, but the business climate does not help,” he said.

He added that for now, with some of the world’s larger economies slow to get back on its feet, not as many people were coming to the region, and the decision not to renew contracts was taken to keep the business afloat. (DD)