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Father of four dies in chopping incident

Father of four dies in chopping incident


The communities of Simon, Adelphi and Biabou are reeling in shock following what many in those areas consider the senseless killing of one of their own.{{more}}

Dead is 56-year-old Carlyle Forde, who succumbed to chop wounds to the hand, face and neck, following an argument with three individuals on the evening of Monday July 4.

The attack may have stemmed from a dispute between the girlfriend of the deceased and one of his attackers, which has been ongoing for some time.

Witnesses to the killing told SEARCHLIGHT that some time after 6pm on Monday, Forde, also known as ‘Pound’, was involved in a verbal dispute with a man whom he accused of planting drugs at the bar of his girlfriend about one week ago.

The man with whom Forde argued is said to have called two other individuals one of them a female who joined in the dispute before they allegedly delivered the fatal chops to Forde’s body.

The father of four died where he was attacked – just outside the gates of the Adelphi Secondary School.

Sita Ashton, Forde’s girlfriend of just over two years, said that she is completely devastated by the passing of her mate.

She noted that Pound was a peaceful individual who never caused trouble or interfered with anyone, and was undeserving of the treatment meted out to him.

“Pound was not a troublesome person. He was the one who used to take care of everybody.”

“I am so hurt, but at the same time I can’t even cry. These people dry up all my tears,” she lamented, as she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT two days after the killing.

Her sentiments were echoed by other relatives and friends who described Forde as a peaceful loving individual.

His cousin Cyrilene Forde, who resides in South Rivers, visited Sita at Forde’s Simon residence, where she described the dead man as caring.

An avid motorcycle lover and mechanic, another friend Nicholas Laroche mourned the loss of a good friend, who he said will be missed by all whom knew him.

“We lost a good one. They kill the wrong man,” he lamented.

Also commenting on the tragedy was Forde’s father Lauriston, who said that he is saddened by his son’s passing, and said he hoped that justice will be served for the taking of his life.

Reports are that upon hearing of the man’s killing, a number of villagers turned up at the Biabou Police Station, trying to have a moment with the three suspected killers, but Members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force were able to avert any disturbance.

Up to press time. no one had been charged in the matter.