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Byrea man killed – right arm, right leg severed

Byrea man killed – right arm, right leg severed


While one community is in shock over the death of one of its villagers, the opposite could be said of another deceased who lost his life a few days before in another village.{{more}}

Comments like “He shoulda dead long time,” and “Is about time somebody kill he” were whispered under the breaths of persons who came out when SEARCHLIGHT visited Byrea four days after Ernesto Alonzo Neptune met his death.

The 35-year-old man, also known in the village as ‘Spiderman’, was chopped about his body, losing his right arm and right leg in the process, in a yard where he may have been drinking just after 9pm on Saturday, July 2, not too far from his home.

Neptune had just received bail from Her Majesty’s Prisons the Wednesday before, where he had been on remand for a wounding charge.

He returned home on Thursday June 30.

Villagers are being tight lipped about what led up to the chopping of Neptune, who was taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he died, hours after he was attacked.

His father, Ceno Neptune, who also turned up at the scene of the crime, seemed to share the view of the men and women who gathered to speak to the media about the deceased.

“I will have to say that he beg for that, because he don’t tek telling.”

“He was a troublesome man; always getting into trouble. Every time he drink he get into trouble,” Ceno said.

The elder Neptune related that this is not the first time his son had been attacked, but he usually did not make any reports to the authorities, as the attack was usually in retaliation for something he (Ernesto) had done.

Neptune said that he was at home when he heard that his son had been killed, but did not leave his residence because he was afraid for his own life.

“After they kill him, people started passing by the house and throwing words and making threats. They was saying ‘Is long time he fo dead’ and ‘you next’”.

“When he come out of jail Thursday, I talk to him and tell him to behave heself. He leave the house on Friday and I don’t see him since then. I don’t even know where he is; the police not even come and tell me anything.”

The father said that he was not surprised that his son died the way he did.

Reports are that the deceased was left to bleed out before the police were called. Another report that block party was held after news came that he had died is unconfirmed.

“The neighborhood is free now,” is what one villager said as SEARCHLIGHT left the area.

Up to press time, one man was assisting police with their investigations.

No one has yet been charged.