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Minibus operator says police officers assaulted him

Minibus operator says police officers assaulted him


A Fountain man claims that he was unlawfully detained and assaulted by police in Questelles, following an exchange of words with an officer.{{more}}

46-year-old van driver Withfield Robertson said that an ongoing land dispute between him and relatives of the police officer was the cause for his discomfort, which occurred on Tuesday, June 26.

I was in Questelles, and this police officer come and stop me and tell me to stop harass his family about lands.”

“I explained to him and tell him that the matter is in the courts; so on my way leaving, he tell me again to leave his family alone.”

“I tell him I don’t harass his family and I tell him ‘Man move yo ass’, and after I tell him that, he just bring the jeep around me and block me off then he scuffle me up and take me inside the cell from three o’clock till eight o’clock.”

Robertson said that he was brought out of the cell and was not charged by the police for any crime, but the injustice did not end there.

“After he bring me out now and the two of us was still arguing about the matter, one of his colleagues picked up a big book and hit me across my head and tell me I want my mouth buss up.”

He claimed that the other officers present, instead of rebuking the officer who had allegedly hit him, began to issue threats of harassing him while he drove his passenger van and raiding his home in search of drugs.

He said that he did not expect to be assaulted or threatened by the cops, since he was familiar with one of them, whom he described as a drinking buddy.

The father of a one year old son admitted that he did speak to the officers in rude manner, but does not think that it was reason for them to take the actions that they did.

“These guys are supposed to protect us as citizens, but instead they are abusing us.”

“I don’t think I did anything to get treated like that. To me it is a violation of my human rights.”

Robertson said that he intends to take the matter further, and had made a report to Police Public Relations and Complaints Department.

He produced a document which he said was given to him by a member of the department, which he is to take to a doctor so that a medical can be performed.

A call to the Public Relations and Complaints Department indicated that a report on the matter was made by Robertson, and they will be investigating.(JJ)