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Dr. Uno is President of Rotary Club St. Vincent

Dr. Uno is President of Rotary Club St. Vincent


The Rotary Club of St. Vincent ushered in a new Executive with a cocktail ceremony last week.{{more}}

On Thursday, June 23, ophthalmologist Dr. Kenneth Onu took over the helm of the organization from dentist Dr. Francois Truchot, after his one year tenure as president, at a cocktail ceremony at the Flow Wine Bar in Kingstown.

Those in attendance were introduced to the new Board of Directors, which is headed by Dr. Uno, and includes Vice President Leroy Lewis, Secretary Lisa Casino, Treasurer Basil Alexander, Public Relations Officer Earl Tash, President Elect Vernon Scott.

The Director of Club Service is Reuben John, Director of Vocational Service Collin Boyle, Director of International Service Ken DaSilva, Director of Community Service Lance Oliver, Director of New Generations Cicelyn Joseph and Immediate Past President Francois Truchot.

Truchot, making his final speech as president, said that it was an honor for him to lead the organization over the past year as it provided various services to the many communities, schools, and institutions.

He noted that the Club was in good hands with the installation of Uno as its head, and wished the other members of the executive success in their upcoming venture.

President Uno, on taking the mantle from Truchot, thanked his predecessor for his leadership and the previous administration for a job well done over the year.

He said that he and the new executive intend to continue their work and see the upcoming year as one of learning and rebuilding, while seeking new ways to serve their communities.

“Our flagship projects such as Rotary Village Doctor Programme and Literacy project are to be vigorously pursued.”

International service, training of new Rotarians and finding new members are also on the organization’s radar.

“I am asking every Rotarian for assistance to make the club successful. Let us put our shoulders to the wheel to make life better. There is a lot of work to be done.”

Also lauded at the ceremony was Rotarian Lisa Casino, who was presented with the Rotarian of the Year Award, for her dedication and service to the club over the past 12 months.(JJ)