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Largo Heights man shot while celebrating birthday

Largo Heights man shot while celebrating birthday


After having a whale of a time at Heritage Sqaure, Jason Kirby’s 35th birthday celebrations ended on a sour note.{{more}}

The dreadlocked mason of Largo Heights is still mystified as to why he was shot and who pulled the trigger. He was shot in his left leg, just below the knee.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT minutes before he left the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, he vividly recalled the facts of the incident.

Kirby said after he had finished celebrating his birthday, he was on his way to his Largo Heights home around 3:00 am on June 18, 2011.

He noted that while walking in the vicinity of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), he heard a loud explosion.

“I hear ah loud explosion rock off me ear bell and thing… So I just continue to walk,” Kirby recounted.

As he continued on his sojourn, Kirby said he felt his strange feeling in his leg. “Me feel like me foot start to get light; real stiff just so…,” he added.

It was at that time Kirby realised he was shot. “The thing happen so fast me ain’t know what happen. I look around the area but me ain’t see nobody…So after that, I just tek my own time and walk go hospital,” he said.

Kirby is lucky the bullet didn’t strike his other leg. The bullet that struck him pierced his leg, exited and went through the fabric of his trousers on his other leg.

Kirby stressed that he does not have a clue as to who would want to harm him as he stated that he was involved in an altercation with anyone.

Up until press time, no arrests had been made in the matter. (KW)