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Chateau man shot in arm, back


A 40-year-old Chateaubelair man is in stable condition at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) after he was shot Tuesday night around 11.{{more}}

The shooting took place in the Sharpes Village area of Chateaubelair. Rohan Williams told SEARCHLIGHT that he had just closed his grocery shop for the night and was about to open his vehicle to drive home when shots opened on him; he was shot in the right arm and the middle of the right side of his back.

A Sharpes Village resident who wishes to remain anonymous told SEARCHLIGHT that she heard two loud shots coming from the area of Williams’s shop, then she saw Williams being helped down the road by another man. The witness said that Williams was shouting: “Call the police,. Somebody call the police.” The witness also said that after the shooting, the assailant apparently ran up to the mountainside as many dogs began to bark in the area, and they kept on for a very long time.

On April 16 last year, 6 shots were fired at Williams as he was returning home from the shop; bullets went through the bale of toilet paper that he was carrying. However, he was unscathed in that incident.

Williams said that he doesn’t know why anyone would want him dead, “After all I bin through and I just start to enjoy a good relationship with my children, someone wants to take my life, but I leave everything up to the Most High.”

Police recovered shot gun shell casing from the scene; however, no arrests were made and the investigation continues.(TY)