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VINLEC hands over $30k cheque to Youlou Pan Movement

VINLEC hands over $30k cheque to Youlou Pan Movement


Continuing in its tradition of demonstrating social responsibility, the St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC) recently contributed $30,000 to the Youlou Pan Movement to assist with the Junior Panorama competition.{{more}}

On Monday, June 20, VINLEC’s Chief Executive Officer Thornley Myers handed over the cheque to the President of the movement Warren Knights.

Referring to playing the steelpan, Myers said: “It’s an important art form in this country… over the past 20 years, it has seen a significant transformation.”

He explained that just over a decade ago, the steelpan was seen as an instrument that only a certain sector of society would play.

However, its appeal and practice now transcends social standing, which he believes is in part due to the ‘Pan Against Crime’ initiative.

Myers added that VINLEC’s sponsorship contributes to the continued development of the steelpan locally; and that he hopes this will encourage pan playing in the more rural areas – especially within the Grenadines.

“This is something that I would say we are committed to,” he affirmed.

“We hope that this $30,000 will be utilised wisely.”

Knights expressed his deep appreciation of the gesture and appealed to the corporate sector to follow the example that VINLEC is setting.

He said that this year’s competition, which will take place at the Victoria Park on Sunday, June 26, will see 12 groups competing for the accolade of 2011 champions.

Six schools will be represented, including the CW Prescod Primary School; the Girls’ High School; St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown; Adelphi Secondary School; the Bishop’s College Kingstown; and Troumaca Primary School.

There will also be six community groups taking part: Symphonix Steel Orchestra, Port Authority Genesis Steel Orchestra, Georgetown All Stars, Northern Stars (Rose Bank), Starlift Steel Orchestra and reigning champions the National Lotteries Authority Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra.

The top three bands will receive $4,000 each and the respective trophies and bragging rights.

Ashford Wood, Chief Executive Officer of the Carnival Development Corporation, said that he was pleased with VINLEC’s approach to Junior Panorama and the development of the art form.

He asserted that such sponsorship fosters interest in the musical form, and provides young people with “opportunities to get involved in something other than crime”.

Wood further pointed out that Vincentians should take pride in the steelpan, even though it was not invented here.

“We have embraced this art form as something that is indigenous to the Caribbean,” he said.

He also applauded the government for its involvement in supporting pan; especially in regard to the success of the ‘Pan Against Crime’ initiative.(JV)