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Taiwan Youth Ambassadors coming to SVG

Taiwan Youth Ambassadors coming to SVG


In response to Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ appeal for more youth exchanges between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Taiwan, in 2010, the Government of Republic of China (Taiwan) sent a ‘Taiwan Youth Ambassador Delegation’ to visit Kingstown.{{more}}

The delegation successfully strengthened mutual understanding and friendship between the youths of both countries. Therefore, Taiwan will again dispatch a delegation to visit Kingstown in this coming July. The 6-member delegation, led by Professor Dr. CHENG, Fen-Chi, is scheduled to arrive on July 10 and hold a summer dancing camp from July 11 to July 22 at the Technical College.

The delegation members are Taiwanese university students with talent in Gong-Fu (Martial art), Belly, Ballroom, and Hip-Hop dancing etc., and have won many competitions and awards in Taiwan and around the world. The visiting youths from Taiwan are passionately looking forward to sharing their special abilities with the Vincentian youths and learning from them the orthodox Vincy Culture.

The feature set for the dancing camp is “a combination of martial art/dancing, east/west, strength/beauty, tradition/modern”. It is strongly believed that both Vincentian and Taiwanese youths will have a wonderful and memorable experience, and the two cultures together will demonstrate the unlimited possibility to realize the global village’s vision of love, care, and friendship without boundaries.

The Opening Ceremony of the summer dancing camp will be held on Tuesday July 12, at 3:00 pm, at the Methodist Church Hall. The delegation is from the Shu-Te University in Taiwan. The six students are Erin Ying-Ling KUO, Fish Sheng-Hong YU, Luke Jung-Hui HSU, Cindy Hsin CHIAN, Tony Chun-Yan WANG and Linda Tzu-Yi LIN.