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LIME brings Dominica Calypso King for Vincy Mas

LIME brings Dominica Calypso King for Vincy Mas


Denniston ‘Dice’ Joseph, three times Calypso Monarch of Dominica rolls into SVG this week end for Vincy Mas. This visit was made possible by LIME Dominica and LIME SVG through an agreement between the General Managers of both territories to expose their sponsored artistes to the different markets as part of their sponsorship arrangements.{{more}} “Dice” will appear as a guest artiste on the Fantastic Friday Calypso Semi Finals at La Croix this Friday night.

LIME Dominica and LIME SVG are major sponsors in both national festivals. LIME SVG is also the sponsor of the Soca Dans for the past six years and “King Dice” has been drafted into the LIME family this year to endorse LIME’s product and services.

Stage named “King Dice”; Dennison Joseph is the youngest and ONLY calypsonian to win four national crowns and five consecutive road march titles in Dominica’s calypso history. He captured the coveted titles in 2004 with the songs “Peace Is My Business” and “Animal Farm”. In 2005, he blew the competition away with his rendition of “Help My Brothers For Me” and “Puppet Master.” The hat trick came in 2006 when he created history by becoming the third and youngest calypsonian in 30 years to win three Calypso crowns. His renditions then were “These Are The Days” and “I Eh Fraid Of Them”.

He holds a National record of winning the road march five times in a row with the songs “Tarzan”-2003, “Animal Farm-2004, “Puppet Master”-2005, “I Eh Fraid”-2006 and “Lights”-2007.

King Dice returned to the stage in 2011 after a two-year break emerging as first runner-up in a closely contested calypso final which saw history created in Dominican calypso competition when a woman won the monarchy for the first time.

“King Dice” received several awards for his accomplishments in the calypso arena, including a Young Achievers Award in 2004 from the Dominican government. In July 2006, he received his blue “three peat” jacket from the University of the West Indies in Dominica and Pawol Inc. He also received a Youth Ambassador Award in 2006 from the National Youth Council of Dominica in recognition of his contribution to the calypso art form and for his 3-peat achievement.

“King Dice”’s trip to Vincy Mas is his first and he commented that one of his developmental goals is to take his talents to many Caribbean shores. He said: “I am extremely happy for the opportunity to display my craft to the Vincy audience. Calypso is big in Dominica as Soca is big in SVG, but the music belongs to the same family. Thanks to LIME for creating this opportunity.”

General Manager Angus Steele explained “this is another opportunity where LIME is extending its partnership with the CDC by exposing Vincentian artistes to other cultures and is willing to bring other artistes to Vincy Mas to experience the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean. Recently LIME SVG took the Soca Dans to Dominica for their Carnival, now it’s our turn to host.”

In 2011 LIME Dominica announced a partnership with “King Dice” as a LIME artist to endorse the company’s products and services, while LIME in return pledged to support the young calypsonian in achieving his developmental goals. While in SVG, the LIME Soca Dans comprising Luta, Fireman Hooper, Jamesy P, Tabia, Danielle Veira, Hanz and Parry are sponsored by LIME SVG.