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Alron takes top spot in Common Entrance

Alron takes top spot in Common Entrance


Eleven-year-old Alron Harry has placed first in this year’s Common Entrance Examination (CEE), in keeping with the Kingstown Preparatory School’s (KPS) long-standing tradition of producing top-performing students.{{more}}

The Bonhomme resident scored 93.33 per cent, 98.33 per cent and 93.94 per cent in his General Paper, Mathematics and English examinations, respectively.

Ecstatic at his recent success, Alron beamed: “I’m very elated!

“While doing my exams I had an idea of my position, but I wasn’t really expecting first.”

Of the 2,081 students who wrote the examination, Alron also gained the top mark for English.

He said that in the run up to the CEE he studied hard, was attentive in class, and was diligent about completing his homework and other class assignments.

Alron’s family also helped him to revise.

“My family helped me out in areas that I was weak in… English and General Paper,” he admitted.

Alron, who hopes to be a paediatric surgeon, said that Math has always been his favourite subject, which is clearly reflected in his achieved grade.

His parents, Claire and Albert Harry, didn’t ascribe to the popular practice of cutting out their child’s extra-curricular activities once he progressed to Grade 6.

Alron, a true all-rounder, continued to attend the activities he is involved in outside of school; even up to the week of the examination.

He plays pan, has reached Grade 2 (practical and theory) on the piano, and plays football in the position of mid-fielder.

Alron’s favourite football team is Barcelona FC, recently-crowned winner of the UEFA Cup Championship, which comes as no surprise, because birds of a feather really do flock together.

KPS head teacher Carol Wilson-Ross expressed how proud she was that Alron has achieved such success. She explained that she was expecting him to do well, as he has been a consistent top performing student.

Although he is excited about attending the St Vincent Grammar School in September, Alron is looking forward to the long summer break; and he hopes that his parents will reward him accordingly.

“I want to go away… to Disney World,” he grinned.

And with such an excellent performance, he certainly deserves it! (JV)