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ECCO can now collect payments on behalf of members

ECCO can now collect payments on behalf of members


The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music can now collect payments on behalf of its members for copyrighted music performed publicly in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The ECCO held a press conference to update the public on its new policy at the National Insurance Services Training Room on Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

Director of ECCO in St. Vincent Joffre Venner stated that the ECCO has received rights to be the collective society in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Venner added that this because of this new policy, artists will have to become more professional in their performances, as well as improve on their technical skills.

The ECCO will collect payments for publicly performed music that includes music played in restaurants, stores, public transport; on radio and television stations and at live shows. Venner further explained that payments will vary based on what forums they are played at.

The users of the copyrighted music will now require the permission of the ECCO, which will issue licenses on behalf of the music creators. The music creators include Vincentians, at home, in the Diaspora and nationals of other countries.

Also giving remarks at the conference, Bomani Charles, performing artist and head of the SVG Association of Music Professionals (SVG AMP), stated that though some work has been done in terms of the development of the music industry, more work should be done.

He added that SVGAMP will act as umbrella body in the music industry with the aim of developing the industry.

Remarks also came from other members of the music industry who endorsed the initiative of the ECCO.

Highlighting that artists must be paid for their creativity, Hassan Kennedy of the Calypsonians Association stated that artists must operate on a higher level.

Noting a few Gospel artists who make original songs, such as Fidel Taylor and Voices of Victory, Junior Mason of the Gospel Fest committee stated that music can now go further because it is protected.

The ECCO hopes to further educate the public on the new policy and also hopes to work along with the Police to address the issue of piracy. The ECCO is an association of composers and publishers of musical works. It administers on behalf of its members the performing right within the musical works which are assigned to it. Incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2010, the ECCO is governed by a board of directors comprising persons from the OECS. Its headquarters is located in St. Lucia.