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Access roads to two tourism sites being improved


The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is demonstrating its commitment to the development of the Tourism Sector in this country by co-funding a project with the European Union through the Special Framework of Assistance SFA 2007 to rehabilitate the roads leading to the Vermont Nature Trails and the Trinity Falls.{{more}}

The Project, which is being implemented through the Ministry of Tourism, will see improved access to these prime tourism sites over the next 12 months, when the contract is expected to be completed.

On May 27th, Saboto Caesar, Minister of Tourism, his Permanent Secretary and members of his staff joined members of National Parks and Transport and Works on a tour to these areas for an update of the projects.

Director of National Parks Andrew Wilson said the roads which lead to major tourism sites are in deplorable condition and it is important that they be rehabilitated. Although the roads seek to improve access to the tourism sites, Wilson said farmers stand to benefit significantly, as access to critical feeder roads in the two areas will also be developed.

Caesar said that the issue of accessibility to tourism sites is a critical factor if the tourism product of this country is to be improved. In light of this, the Minister anticipates that the improvement of the roads will usher in an increase of visitors to the areas.

Furthermore, Caesar took the opportunity to appeal to Vincentians

to enjoy the natural beauty of this country. Local tourism, he said, is very important. “There are many people who live even close by and do not even take their families to these sites,” Caesar said. While Government is investing the development of these sites to attract regional and international tourists, Caesar said it is expected that locals will take full advantage and experience the attractions offered by the country.