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St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua promises bigger, better career fair in 2012

St. Joseph’s Convent  Marriaqua promises bigger, better career fair in 2012


The St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua is hoping to put on a bigger and better career fair next year.{{more}}

So says Rhonda Lee, co-ordinator of the fair.

Lee said the institution used the theme, ‘Think Outside the Box: Creating Pathways to Self-Sufficiency and Independence’, for the final time on Tuesday, March 22. She said the theme was used during the last three years to motivate students to look past traditional careers.

Much planning has not been put into next year’s programme yet, but Lee said she believes it will concentrate on a single field, such as Social Sciences or Business.

Like the other programmes before, this year’s was geared towards third form students, who will be deciding on subjects that they would like to pursue at the Caribbean Secondary Education (CSEC) level.

“They get an idea of how to set their goals. …Having that knowledge, they now know how to select their subjects to prepare for CSEC.

“Gone are the days when parents would dictate to their children, ‘this is what you need to do.’ Our students are more knowledgeable of the different areas available to them,” said Lee.

Approximately 16 specializations were on display at the fair. Booths were displayed by the International Airport Development Company, Central Water and Sewage Authority, Wrights Plantain Chips, Dumbarton Agricultural Center, St.Vincent and the Grenadines Community College-Teachers Training Division and the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard, among others.

Lee lauded the Coast Guard for having a female representative on its team. She said this will help to dispel the notion that the Coast Guard only comprises males.

Jessie Knights-Hope, a flower artist who had a booth on display, had a number of students engaged, as she taught them how to do a few creations of their own.

Knights-Hope said she has been involved in flower art since 1996 and was happy to share her knowledge with the students.