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Bequia Community High School marks Water Day


The Bequia Community High School Young Leaders have appealed to Vincentians to be in solidarity with its celebration to mark World Water Day and to make it a water day.{{more}}

World Water Day, celebrated around the world annually, is being marked today, Tuesday, March 22, under the theme ‘Water for cities: Responding to the urban challenge.’

The school’s activities to commemorate the event are held under the theme: ‘H2O: have you had your 8’.

The group has appealed to all Vincentians to wear the colours white and or blue today, to signify the importance of this most precious natural resource to all living things.

Businesses are encouraged to reward the best dressed blue/white employee(s) with a bottle of water.

The Bequia Community High School Young Leaders have decided to use white to represent the spiritual, mental and physical benefits and blue to represent the planet and water. They have appealed to Vincentians to have a glass of water today after breakfast, and instead of drinking soft drinks or juice with lunch and dinner, use water.

Schools on the feeding programme and other institutions are also asked to serve water to their students, employees and patients. Churches and Christians are asked to make an additional contribution today by fasting to show the spiritual significance of water and the relationship it brings us to with Christ.