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Three male teachers suspended pending investigations


Chairman of the Public Service Commissions (PSC) Cecil Blazer Williams has confirmed that three male teachers who are under investigation for suspected homosexual activity involving students have been suspended pending the outcome of such investigations, and possible criminal prosecution.{{more}}

Williams, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday this week, indicated that there could possibly be further disciplinary actions to follow, but could not say what type until investigations conclude.

“There are different processes that we can pursue, but we will wait to see the nature of the report.”

“We have to get reports to see whether in truth and in fact we can proceed to what actual disciplinary procedures we want to pursue.”

The men were suspended with full pay, after a report from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Board was sent to the PSC.

Three weeks ago, the men were questioned by police in connection with allegations of buggery and gross indecency. They were released while police investigations continue.

When asked how soon it may be before the teachers face further disciplinary actions, if any, Williams said that this will depend on whether criminal charges are laid.

“We will wait and see what the position is in relation to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) because we do not want to jump ahead on anything.”

“Of course, if there is undue delay, we may ask for certain kinds of information and proceed because we do not really have to wait on the decision of the court in a criminal action. We can pursue the matter outside of the criminal process.”

Williams stated that while the suspension of teachers or other public servants is a normal occurrence, there has never been a case where any have been suspended in relation to the offences for which the teachers have been accused.(JJ)