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Monty Roberts: Samuel’s support may have caused revocation


Monty Roberts, former Area Representative for North Windward, is of the view that Leon Samuel’s support of the New Democratic Party (NDP) might have caused the Government to revoke the permission granted to Bigger Trucking and Blocks Construction to mine sand at Rabacca.{{more}}

Roberts weighed on the issue on Tuesday, February 15, when he called Elwardo Lynch, host of the NDP sponsored ‘New Times’ programme and vented his feelings on the matter.

He said it is sad when a Vincentian cannot support the political party he decides to.

“Things have really gone overboard when it reaches that stage,” said Roberts.

“It really shouldn’t be like that, you know. We all belong here. We are all Vincentians. We cannot all support the same political party no matter what happens. No matter how strong you get, you will never be able to have everybody on your side,” said Roberts, noting it’s not healthy when a political party expects everyone to be on its side.

Roberts recalled that he had advised former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell to charge a fee for the sand removed from Rabacca, a sand mining area located in the North Windward constituency, and to use the funds to fix the crossing.

He said this is one of the few times he did not receive the support of Sir James.

Roberts said Sir James told him that Vincentians are living in a free country and if some sand at Rabacca is the only free thing that the nation can access, let them have it without charge.

Roberts contended that as soon as the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration got into power, “overnight” they placed a fee on the Rabacca material.

“And not just a minimum charge you know, they have to pay substantially for it. …In our time we allowed people to have it freely. I mean literally free,” said Roberts.

He said he had contacted the programme because he wanted to show Vincentians the difference between the NDP and the ULP.(HN)