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KPS declares February, March as literacy months

KPS declares February, March as literacy months


For the months of February and March, the students and teachers of the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) will be engaged in a rigorous literacy programme to enhance and showcase reading at that institution.{{more}}

The programme had its opening on Monday, January 31, at the school’s Resource Centre.

Principal of the school Karol Ross told the media that, unlike the other schools that had marches and rallies, the KPS will not have any this year. Instead, the school will have a term, focused on strengthening literacy, starting from today and ending at the end of the school term in March.

Literacy Coordinator Gaylene Wickham stated that the purpose of the term of literacy is to enhance and showcase reading.

Wickham mentioned the several activities that the school will be engaging in during the term. She stated that they plan to have radio and television broadcasts, featuring students reading books.

The students will also have a reading programme, where the upper grades will read to the lower grades. Wickham explained that grades six and five will read to the Kindergarten, grades one and Grade two students, while the students of grade four will read to the grade three students. This is slated for every Friday in the term. Other activities include in-house spelling competitions and debates. The grade five students will also have a reading session with the children from the School for Children with Special Needs.

Wickham explained that there are also plans to develop the Resource Centre, and they have ordered reading materials, and other educational activity sets to upgrade the facility.

The small ceremony also saw several teachers being awarded inspirational books for their long years of service at KPS. The idea to give awards to the teachers came from Melissa Adams, a grade five student. The teachers awarded were Simone Mc Barnette- Thom, Leonora Sam, Susan Scott-John, Paul Jocelyn, Deale Cupid, Cassandra Morgan-John and Wendy Caine, Anthony Samuel and Pearlina Carrington.