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It is ‘’silly and an abomination,’’ says Dougan

It is ‘’silly and an abomination,’’ says Dougan


Former Attorney General Carlyle Dougan Q.C. has described the proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and the Representation of the People Act as “silly and an abomination.”{{more}}

Sharing his views at last Thursday’s protest involving supporters from the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and New Democratic Party (NDP), Dougan said: “We cannot go and affect the people’s right. I think the people will rebel, and there is no legal basis for this,” Dougan said.

Dougan said if such legalisation is passed, individuals’ private privileges will no longer exist.

“I hope they see sense in this demonstration, and I suspect that there is a hidden agenda behind this,” he added.

He thinks that last Thursday’s protest, staged outside the House of Assembly, would be enough to delay rushing the legislation to parliament.

“With all these people here, it is showing that people care about their rights…I think it is foolish, and I am slowly losing respect for Ralph Gonsalves,” Dougan stated.(KW)