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Egyptians: Petrogylph at Yambou can be removed and preserved

Egyptians: Petrogylph at Yambou can be removed and preserved


After three weeks of study done on the Petrogylph at Yambou, it was determined that the rock can be removed and preserved.{{more}}

This was announced at a press conference to give an update on the findings of the Egyptian delegation which came to St. Vincent to determine whether the rock can be safely removed. The press conference took place on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at the Conference room of the International Airport Development Company (IADC).

Chairperson of the St. Vincent National Trust Louise Mitchell-Joseph deemed the visit a success, as the delegation not only determined that the rock can be moved, but also discovered additional drawings on the rock.

Mitchell-Joseph stated that the team will return to St. Vincent in two to three months to begin the removal of rock, which will be relocated to a site marked for a national heritage park.

Abu Abuzaid, head of the Egyptian mission, stated that the process of removing the rock is not hard, but it is a long operation. Abuzaid added that the rock will be cut along the natural cracks and folds. Abuzaid also said that the team intends to write a detailed plan, outlining the procedure to remove the rock as well as the equipment and resources needed.

Mitchell-Joseph, speaking on the Egyptians sojourn in St. Vincent, stated that in addition to confirming that the petroglyph can be removed, they have also created an inventory of petroglyphs which is superior to any other inventory St. Vincent has had.

“The fact that we now have more information on our petroglyphs than ever before in history is indeed a significant achievement,” Mitchell-Joseph stressed. She added that the team was also able to make comparisons between the petroglyph at Buccamma and that at Argyle, concluding that the drawings were done at two different time periods.

The other members of the Egyptian delegation are Khaleed Saad, Ashraf Nageh Iskros Hanna and Mostafa Rezk Ibrahim Elattar. The team left the state on Thursday.(OS)