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Four lucky customers enter Digicel Cash Vault


Just by answering a simple question asked by Digicel’s Marketing Executive Justin John, four persons won themselves hundreds of dollars in cash and phone credit last Friday, January 21.{{more}}

The winnings came to four lucky Digicel customers as the Digicel Cash Vault hit ‘The Island Hut’ bar in Layou.

The cash vault is a chamber designed to blow Digi-cash through the air while persons locked inside attempt to grab as much Digi-cash from the air as they can in 30 seconds. The vault is part of Digicel’s 2010 Christmas Promotion which this year is dubbed, “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas”.

“What is the name of Digicel’s 2010 Christmas promotion?” That is the first question asked by John and answered by Chateaubelair resident Latheisha Brewster. Answering, “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas”, Brewster who teaches at the Fitz Hughes Government School entered the cash vault and came out with EC$360 credit and EC$350 cash. She said that a few weeks ago, one of her student’s mother had won money in the vault, “so I was very excited to get a similar opportunity”, said Brewster who added that she has been with Digicel since 2003.

The second question, “What is one of the prizes that can be won in Digicel’s January text to win promotion?” was answered by Clare Valley resident Stacia Burke. Burke grabbed EC$315 cash and EC$695 credit after answering, “a Blackberry Torch”.

“I am overwhelmed”, said Burke who added that she has been using Digicel’s services for the past seven years, “and it has been good and I’m satisfied”.

Asunda Daly of Layou was the third person to enter the vault. She answered the third question posed by John, “What are the three ways to qualify to win a prize in the 2010 Christmas promotion?” After answering, “Top up your phone $20 or more, buy a handset or pay your bill on time and in full”, Daly grabbed EC$135 cash and EC$210 credit.

Said Daly, “I feel good because I did work for it”. She added that in her opinion, Digicel’s services are the best and, “there is no competition”.

John also gave a fourth person the opportunity to enter the vault by asking a bonus question, “What is the name of Digicel’s Country Manager?” Ken-I Young answered, “Sonia Polius” and managed to grab EC$135 cash and EC$440.

On Friday, January 28, the Cash Vault hits Bequia, while next week Friday, February 4, five persons will get the opportunity to enter the vault for an opportunity to win EC$80,000 during the grand finale, scheduled for Heritage Square.