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Calliaqua Anglican School celebrates ‘Creativity Through Literacy’

Calliaqua Anglican School celebrates ‘Creativity Through Literacy’


Calliaqua Anglican School celebrated reading extravaganza 2011 with a series of activities starting from January 10 to January 19.{{more}}

The ‘Hats off to Reading Programme’ was headed again by the School Literacy Co-ordinator Corselle Smith, and her committee, who designed the activities based on the theme “Creativity through Literacy”.

There were reading theatres and class reading at General Assembly, where pupils read materials from various genres, including fables, narratives, folktales, poetry, etc. Teachers also demonstrated their reading and artistic skills by reading aloud to the entire school.

On Wednesday, January 19, the climax of the reading extravaganza took place. Each class displayed its own creativity and uniqueness; pupils proudly wore their hats, from the smallest to the tallest of them all. From Kindergarten to Grade 6, pupils were given the opportunity to portray their creativity through literacy.

There was alphabet drama and a rhyming express train. The programme also included tired words – a drama on synonyms, adjectives at their best, a literacy pageant, autobiographies and biographies, as well as authors’ chairs. There was judging of hats and activities, and parents had an active role in all these events. In her presentation, Hannah Browne, a representative from the Ministry of Education, encouraged the students to learn, read and strive for excellence. She left the pupils with the quote, “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”.

Yvette Bowen, the Principal, congratulated her staff for a job well done and advised all students to read in order to enhance their minds and excel in their academic studies. She also announced that very shortly the school will be conducting sessions for both parents and students to enhance their reading /writing skills.

The activities came to an end with a vote of thanks by Marilyn St.Luce, a teacher at the school.