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Vincentian children benefit from IHC free Medical care

Vincentian children benefit from IHC free Medical care


It’s one of the hardest things that could ever happen to a parent, to see their own off-spring suffer with an ailment and be worried about how they will get treatment.{{more}}

But the parents of some 30 children no longer have to worry, as they have been the recipients of free medical care from the International Hospital for Children, IHC, based in Virginia.

The team of medical practitioners was in the country last week as part of annual partnership between the Rotary Club St Vincent South and other generous donors from around the world who contributed towards financing the mission’s annual trip to this country.

One of the mothers whose hearts has been eased is Natasha Brisfere from St Lucia, whose son Emmanuel had severe liver problems. The mother in her early 20’s said that while the doctors explained that her son would eventually need a transplant, she is grateful that he has several years more added to his life, thanks to the corrective surgery.

Mother Zillah Drayton from the Leeward town of Layou in St Vincent said her son’s intestinal complications were severely life threatening and she was weak from worry and crying over the illness of her son.

The young mother said: “I was so sad. I couldn’t talk, I was frightened for him. I didn’t what to see him in that condition at all. I would just cry and pray for him.”

She said that doctors reassured her that they would do their best to save her son’s life and since the surgery, his recovery has been amazing.

Meanwhile, IHC Eastern Caribbean Regional Representative Jacqueline Browne said that she is pleased that some 30 children were able to get treatment. She mentioned that more missions are coming throughout the year in areas of cardiology, urology, orthopedic and neuro-surgery, among other areas.

Browne explained that the programme has been running for five years and has helped children not only from St Vincent but also throughout the Eastern Caribbean. She said that it was critical for persons to know that they had options available for their children, thanks to the generous donations of various sponsors and charity events held to raise monies to ensure that IHC medical teams can carry out their missions. Browne also expressed special gratitude to the Mustique Company for donating the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Critical Care Unit at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital which she said have been essential to the recovery of the youngsters.

The IHC representative, who is a retired nurse, said most of the surgeries are laparoscopic with only small incisions, making the healing process quicker for the young patients.

She urged parents and others concerned to contact her at telephone numbers 784-528-1454 or 784-451-2989 for more information.