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Sylvester defends her experience, achievements as a Lawyer

Sylvester defends her experience, achievements as a Lawyer


Nicole Sylvester has defended her experience and achievements as a Lawyer.{{more}}

She addressed the issue at a press conference at the Caribbean International Law Firm on Friday, January 14, 2011, called to address the discontinuance of six charges brought against three Ministers of Government by members of the New Democratic Party.

Sylvester began the press conference by stating that she does not usually boast about her achievements, but felt it was necessary because of comments allegedly made about her and colleague Kay Bacchus-Browne by Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.

“You have never seen me do this, because I have believed in a measure of humility, especially in relation to your achievements. But because I consider that not just myself and Miss Bacchus-Browne, we were vilified on certain radio stations, because we stood up without fear nor favour, for democracy. And I consider it prudent and expedient at this juncture to give an indication of my own experience,” Sylvester said.

She, however, did not divulge what Astaphan is alleged to have said.

Sylvester mentioned her contribution to one book in particular, the Caribbean Civil Court Practice, for which, she said, she was a member of the editorial board. Adding that she is sure that Astaphan relies on that authority, Sylvester said: “This is the authority that is used before the court.”

“I think it is important that I indicate that wealth of experience that I bring to bear when I decide to deal with a matter; that I will not deal with a matter that will be tantamount to an abuse of the court. I deal with matters because there is weight to be given to them.” Sylvester stated.

In detailing her experience, Sylvester stated that she has had 20 years of experience as a practitioner of the law. She has also written a book: “The law simplified for you”, and edited the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bar News; she has served as the President of the OECS Bar Association and of the SVG Bar Association. She added that she has practiced law throughout the OECS.

Sylvester added that she was humbled to work on the editorial board of the Caribbean Civil Court Practice along with members of the legal fraternity, such as Justices Adrian Saunders, Hugh Rawlins and Sir Brian Alleyne, among others. (OS)