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SVG Green Party calls on Cuba to scale down input to Argyle airport


The philosophy propelling Cuba forward is educating its people and protecting and preserving its environment.{{more}}

This thinking is Green thinking and has developed Cuba into a country that has one of the highest number of doctors per capita.

At a meeting on Monday, January 17, 2011, at the SVG Green Party office in Harmony Hall, Green party members explained to the Cuban Ambassador to SVG that Cuba should focus on projects in SVG that educate SVG’s people and protect and preserve SVG’s environment.

SVG Green Party would like Cuba to scale down its input on projects that are economically bad for SVG, such as the Argyle airport, and instead do what Cuba has done and educate our people. A science and technology university in SVG will be far more productive in SVG to create revenue, and is the only way our young people will get long-term, secure, high paid jobs.

Educating and skilling our people means SVG will be in a better position to resolve any environmental, social and economic problems it may face in the future.