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Sutherland, Bynoe $5,000 richer, thanks to Digicel

Sutherland, Bynoe $5,000 richer, thanks to Digicel


Just by texting CASH to 7171, Netta Sutherland and Kenroy Bynoe are now both EC$5,000 richer.{{more}}

Sutherland and Bynoe are the December winners of Digicel’s text to win cash promotion. They both collected their winnings on Monday from Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche at the company’s headquarters located in the Lewis Building on Sharp Street.

Sutherland who hails from Sandy Bay but is now living in Richmond Hill said that she “felt great and happy” to have won the money. She revealed that she has been using Digicel’s service for a long time now.

“I thank God for Digicel, and I will encourage my friends to use the service”, said Sutherland, who added that she plans to use the EC$5000 wisely, “so that I can say Digicel did something good for me”.

Meanwhile, the other winner (Bynoe) said that the EC$5000 “came at the right time”. The Mechanic who hails from Frenches said that while he has no immediate plans for the money, he is grateful to Digicel.

“This is the first time I ever won anything from Digicel, and I think that Digicel is a top of the line company”, said Bynoe, who added that everywhere he goes he gets good coverage.