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LIME shows appreciation for its vendors

LIME shows appreciation for its vendors


It is not often you hear thanks for work well done, so on Wednesday, January 19, LIME, this country’s leading telecommunications provider, said “Thank You” to its super vendors.{{more}} Super vendors are members of the business community who have entered into a business arrangement with LIME to sell its services like cards, etop up and handsets.

Fifteen vendors accepted gifts and prizes from management of LIME at a lunch time celebration event held to show appreciation for a job well done.

Manager Retail Services, Leslie Jack, speaking to the vendors at the event said, “Our retail business depends heavily on you, our vendors. When our offices are closed you continue to sell our cards and etop up from your business places. You are our partners and we appreciate your contribution to our business.”

George Howard, proprietor of Howard’s Driving School, who has been a vendor since 1976 received the prize for the longest serving vendor. Speaking at the event, Howard said: “I started selling prepaid cards and smart cards in 1976 and now we are selling etop up. I am facing retirement and about to turn over the business to my son. I must admit it has been a successful partnership. Now it seems as if LIME is taking the market by storm, so this is good business to be involved in. I want to encourage young businessmen to get involved and push hard if you want to be successful. I want to wish LIME well and I will continue to work with LIME as a partner.”

General Manager Angus Steele complimented his staff for hosting the vendor partners, and in speaking to the gathering expressed a heartfelt thanks to all vendors throughout the country. “We don’t want to single out just the super vendors but all our vendors are important to us and we appreciate your hard work. We look forward to working with you in the future as we open up new and exciting opportunities.”