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Four grab cash in Digicel promotion

Four grab cash in Digicel promotion


Barry’s Bar in Point Village came to life last Friday night (January 14) as Digicel’s Cash Vault landed there and allowed persons to leave with hundreds of dollars in cash and credit.{{more}}

The cash vault is a chamber designed to blow Digi-cash through the air while persons locked inside attempt to grab as much Digi-cash from the air as they can in 30 seconds. The vault is part of Digicel’s 2010 Christmas Promotion which this year is dubbed“Once Upon a Digicel Christmas”.

On the other occasions, only three persons were allowed to enter the cash vault, but in Point Village, four persons were given the opportunity to grab Digi-cash. Persons get to enter the cash vault by answering Digicel related questions. On Friday, Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche asked, “What is the name of Digicel’s Christmas promotion 2010”? Giselle Lavia answered: “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas” and managed to grab EC$75 cash and EC$245 credit from the vault.

“I am very thankful and I feel great”, said Lavia, who is a teacher. She also revealed that although she has been using Digicel for only a year now. “I think Digicel is great and the best we ever had”.

The second question, asked by DeRoche, “What is the one of the prizes in January’s text to win promotion”, was answered by Cortez Lavia who said,:“A Blackberry Torch”. On leaving the vault, Cortex had in his possession EC$280 cash and EC$220 credit.

“I feel great because I never win anything before”, said the barber, who is also a painter. He added that he is going to use the money he won to buy a handset, “I never liked no other service but Digicel and will never change”, stressed Cortez.

The third question, “What are the three ways to qualify to win a prize in the Christmas promotion”, was answered by Kawansa Lavia. After answering, “pay your bill on time and in full, purchase a handset and top up your phone EC$20 or more”, Kawansa entered the cash vault and came out with EC$230 credit and EC$240 cash. He said, “I did alright but wish I had won more”. The tradesman said that he has been using Digicel’s services since the company opened its doors here in March 2003.

Fourth and last to enter the vault on Friday was Isola Baptiste. Marketing Manager DeRoche said that Baptiste was allowed to grab for cash as a way of rewarding the Point Villagers for “the enthusiastic support and love shown to the visiting Digicel team”. Baptiste grabbed EC$35 cash and EC$90 credit. DeRoche also gave away free credit and Digicel caps to a few lucky customers.

The cash vault heads to Layou today, January 21st, while the Grand Finale where persons will be given the opportunity to win EC$80,000 in cash will be held on February 4th at Heritage Square. Five persons will take part in the grand finale.