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Several businesses upstairs Y De Lima building broken into

Several businesses upstairs Y De Lima building broken into


Several businesses, including boutiques operating on the top floor of the Y De Lima building, were on Friday, January 14, victims of a break-in.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the building yesterday, most of the owners were still assessing the extent of the damage.

The situation has left some occupants questioning the issue of the building’s security.

Upon inspection, nearly all the doors and panes were broken by burglar(s) during their raid of the businesses.

The police said the burglar(s) may have entered through a small hole in the ceiling of one of the businesses.

Manager of K’s Linen and Things Felicia Spencer said that she is upset that her business was broken into, but noted that her store was not relieved of any items. She, however, has to replace the glass that was broken from the door.

Colette Alexander, owner of Colette’s Boutique, appeared to have been affected the most. Alexander, who has been in business for the past six years, said $800 had been stolen from the boutique and the burglars drank beverages from her refrigerator and left it open.

“I feel very bad about what happened. It’s like thieves can smell money. I hope they catch them and deal with them hard,” she frankly stated.

The owner of Island Craft Supplies, who asked not to mention her name, said her store’s door had been kicked in and $400 stolen.

“They took all the dollars and left the cents and I feel really bad by what happen, but what can I do?” she said.

The woman, who has been in business for the past three years, said she is hopeful that the perpetrator (s) would be brought to justice and that they feel the full weight of the law.

Sylvonne Adams, owner of Chic Boutique, expressed fear that such a burglary would happen again. “I feel really bad this happened. I know there were break-ins here before, but I just feel they would come again,” she said.

A panel from the entrance door was broken off completely when her store was hit. Adams, who has been operating there for the past five years, said $200 had been stolen from her store and her laptop computer found outside in the hall. “Like they couldn’t get the password to my laptop, so they left it there,” she said.

Most of the other owners only complained of their doors and window panes being broken, but no stolen items.

Police are continuing investigations into the matter.