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Businessman beaten, robbed in his Queen’s Drive home


A businessman of Queen’s Drive is counting his lucky stars to be alive after a brutal attack while asleep last Monday night.{{more}}

From his bedside at the Male Medical Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), he told SEARCHLIGHT that on Tuesday, January 11, he was attacked at approximately 12:30 two men armed with a gun and a knife.

“I was sleeping. The only thing that alerted me is when they broke down the bedroom door,” said the businessman, noting that the men demanded money. He was alone at the time.

He said that he gave them EC$240 and a sum of US dollars, but they felt that was insufficient and started to beat him.

He sustained wounds to his head, face, neck, and a finger.

“They didn’t think they got enough. They started pelting blows and threatening to kill. Eventually, I told them there’s money at the office,” said the man.

Recalling the frightful drama, he said that his hands and feet were bound, before the men gagged him and tied him by his neck to the bed.

Before the men left, they ransacked the businessman’s house and stole his jewellry.

He said the men did a poor job in gagging him, and as a consequence, he was able to use his teeth to unfasten his hands. He then struggled through a bedroom window and jumped 12 feet to the ground, where he was able to alert his neighbours.

The businessman disclosed that the robbers took a bunch of keys that they believed had the key to the door where the money was stored as well as his car.

He said from reports, his office was not entered, but the men might have gone to another building instead.

His car was found in the vicinity of the Kingstown Technical Centre near to Bishop’s College, at Wilson Hill, Kingstown.

“I just think it’s a poor reflection of where the St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ society is heading. You have young men willing to go those lengths to get money. It’s just a terrible reflection of where the society is going,” he lamented.

Last week, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, head of the Criminal Investigations Department Willisford Caesar said burglaries and robberies were quite prevalent during the latter part of the last quarter of last year. He noted that computers and other expensive electronic items were the main targets of the burglars.