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I stand by that decision! says Eustace

I stand by that decision! says Eustace


Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace is standing by his decision to appoint Vynnette Frederick and Anesia Baptiste as the two senators for the Opposition.{{more}}

Speaking on the New Democratic Party (NDP) radio programme “New Times” on Monday, January 10, 2011, Eustace said that he was very much aware of the various views in relation to the appointment of senators. However, taking all the circumstances into consideration, he made his decision.

“I stand by that decision!” he said.

“I have done the requirements of the job that I have. I have taken into account those things which I consider to be of critical importance in this exercise. I have made a decision. That decision stands,” Eustace said.

Frederick and Baptiste were sworn in as opposition senators on Wednesday, December 29. However, the evening before the swearing in, just hours after the apppointments were made public, Chairman of the NDP Dr. Linton Lewis, voiced his displeasure at not having been consulted on the persons who would serve as oppostion senators.

“I am the Chairman of the Party, and I have never once been consulted on the issue of senatorial positions. I have never had the privilege of knowing who the senators are before they go out to the public. I have only ever known who the senators are after the public knows about it,” Lewis said.

“I know a number of my colleagues also were not consulted,” stated Lewis, who unsuccessfully contested the December 13, 2010 election in the constitutency of East St. George, on an NDP ticket.

However, Roland “Patel” Matthews, parliamentary representative for North Leeward, supports the decision of party leader Eustace.

“He, in his own wisdom, would have done his own examination and decided who he believes would best fill the role as the two senators for the party,” Matthews said on Monday.