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GHS unveils list of activities for the final week of its anniversary

GHS unveils list of activities  for the final week of its anniversary


As the Girls’ High School (GHS) approaches the culmination of its 100th anniversary celebrations, it unveiled the list of activities scheduled for the final week in April/May.{{more}}

At the ninth lecture in the centenary series, Dr. Rosalind Ambrose, Vice President of the GHS Alumnae Association, outlined the upcoming events and gave a brief overview of the activities that had occurred over the Christmas season.

Dr. Ambrose noted that there are four remaining lectures to be held to complete the centenary series.

They are: ‘Global, economic and financial crisis and a small economy’ by Stacia Morris – February 10; ‘Careers for the 21st century’ by Narissa Morris – March 10; ‘The Universe is your classroom: New technology and education’ by Louise Bowman – April 7; and ‘Education excellence for today’s development challenges’ by Dr. Joyce Toney – May 5.

The 100th Anniversary week of activities is as follows: April 30 – Netball tournament at the GHS hard court; May 1 – Lighting up of the GHS compound; May 3 – March and sports at the Victoria Park; May 4 – Launch of the centenary magazine; May 4 – Talent Explosion; May 4 & 5 – 100 years, 100 careers; May 4 & 5 – GHS arts and craft exhibition; May 5 – Centenary lecture; May 6 – Gala Awards dinner; May 7 – Blue and White Affair (count-down ceremony at the Victoria Park); and May 8 – Ecumenical service.

Ambrose also took the opportunity to congratulate René Baptiste, former Minister of Culture, Labour and Electoral Affairs, on being one of six Vincentians featured on the Queen’s New Year’s honours list.

Baptiste, who is also a GHS alumna, was awarded the Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) for her service in the fields of law, international finance, culture and politics. She is the second Vincentian female to receive this award – the first being Deputy Governor General Dame Monica Dacon.

Ambrose also congratulated Vynnette Frederick and Anesia Baptiste on their recent senatorial appointments to the House of Assembly, representing the New Democratic Party (NDP). Both are past students of the GHS.

She also made mention of past students Rochelle Ford, Andrea Young-Lewis and Carla Dougan, who served as senators and Deputy Speaker of the House, respectively, in the House of Assembly.

She also made an appeal to past GHS students to make financial contributions to the Alumnae Fund.