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Wiseman wins big with Coreas

Wiseman wins big with Coreas


Winner of the brand new Nissan Tida Trevor “Shaka” Wiseman will soon be accepting bids for his prized asset.{{more}}

Fifty-five year old Wiseman of Kingstown was the winner of the vehicle, compliments Coreas, as part of their three-month Christmas promotion – “Win Big Coreas Christmas Giveaway”.

Wiseman, a stevedore, was presented with the vehicle worth $78,000 on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at Coreas Automotive on Bay Street.

However, Wiseman will not be gettin behind the wheels, as he told reporters that he will be selling the vehicle so that he can do some repairs on his house.

“I want to fix up me house, but I still feel overwhelmed and excited,” Wiseman said.

Stating that it was the first time he had won anything, an elated Wiseman said when he bought a case of du Maurier cigarettes from Coreas Mini Mini Mart, he only filled out the ticket stub on a whim and totally forgot about it. “I get the ticket and fill it out, but I had it home for about two weeks and is the last day before the draw I remember and throw in the ticket,” Wiseman explained.

Customers who spent 50 dollars or more on any transactions at Coreas Hazells Inc received a ticket with a stub, and were required to deposit it in a bin at any of the Coreas Hazells stores.

There is an amusing story about how Wiseman learnt of his luck. He told the media that he and his ex-girlfriend were in an argument and she had been calling his cellular phone and harassing him the entire day. “When I see the number, I think she been calling from somebody else phone, so I didn’t answer my phone,” Wiseman explained, not realising that it was Coreas calling.

It was not until later that day (December 31), that his niece told him that representatives from Coreas were looking for him.

“When she tell me so, I ask fo wah? Me ain’t ha nothing to do Coreas,” he joked.

Moments later, someone else informed him about his win. It was only then that Wiseman believed. He immediately called back the telephone number that had been calling earlier in the day and explained what had happened.

Debbie Huggins, a member of Coreas Marketing Committee, said the promotion achieved its objective since it was launched on October 12, 2010. Huggins noted from the time the promotion was launched, there was visible interest in the car.

“Some people whose purchases amounted to $49 bought a candy bar to take it to $50 so they could gain entry,” Huggins said.(KW)