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Traffic accidents reduced in 2010

Traffic accidents reduced in 2010


There has been a reduction in the number of traffic accidents reported during the year 2010.{{more}}

This was disclosed by Head of the Traffic Department of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kenneth John.

John told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, January 5, that for the year ending December 31, 2010, 148 persons were reported as being injured in accidents, while 676 were reported as uninjured.

Over the same period 2009, 159 persons were reported injured in accidents; 861 were reported as uninjured. In 2008, 182 persons were reported as injured during accidents, while 761 were reported as uninjured.

John noted that there were four road fatalities in 2010, nine in 2009, and six in 2008. The four persons that died on the roads in 2010 were males. In 2009, there were nine adult males, two boys and one adult female. He added that in 2008 there were five adult males and one male child.

Stating the contributing factors which may have resulted in the reduction of traffic accidents here, John said his department has increased traffic checks from once per year to monthly.

“Because of the behaviour of our drivers, the public was calling on us to have the checks done more often. We did adhere to the public’s call and had it increased,” said John.

John said surveys were carried out in areas prone to accidents and his officers have since stepped up patrols in these areas, including night patrols.

“As the year began last year, we had a general meeting with the entire body of the Traffic Department and our main aim was to have a reduction in motor vehicle accidents, especially where road fatality is concerned,” said John, adding “the officers put their best foot forward and it was a good feeling for everyone at the end of the year.”

For 2011, John said the Traffic Department will continue its school, community, radio and television programmes.

He emphasized that as early as this month, Traffic Officers will be on the roads to conduct checks, as well as place signs.

“One of the challenges last year related to the overloading of mini-buses, which has been brought under control. There are a few that still pose a challenge,” said John.

On the issue of speeding, John said his department was assisted by the public, who made reports when they witnessed drivers breaking the law. He said his officers acted promptly on reports and are now appealing to the public to continue in assisting the police.

John added that his department intends to continue its clamping duties. He said that he will also be stressing to his officers the issue of addressing the public in a polite manner.

“There were not much reports in 2010 against officers in that regard; one report is too many,” said John.

During 2010, the Traffic Department had introduced an in-house programme where officers were required to study the Traffic Laws and make one hour presentations as well as demonstrate how they would respond to various traffic issues that they may be confronted with.

The traffic boss said that his officers have regular devotions before they take to the streets on mornings “because we strongly believe in God.”

John assured the public that his department will be there for them and they can feel free to call on its members again, as he and his officers try to make the roads safer. (HN)