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SVG gets its first Carib Girl team

SVG gets its first Carib Girl team


After strutting their stuff and flashing their best smiles and poses, four young women have been chosen to be the new faces of Carib Beer in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

On New Year’s Eve at the SVG Fun Fest Finals, 12 contestants battled it out to win a 1-year contract that would see them starring in radio and television commercials, posters and other print advertising to promote the beverage.

Juverni ‘April’ Compton, Korisha Lee, Rickesha Douglas and Jovonne ‘Duffy’ John made the final cut, with Jovonne John being selected for the Head Carib Girl position.

As Head Carib Girl, John will receive a cash prize of $500 on top of her 1-year contract.

When the lucky quartet visited SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, they were bubbling over with excitement at having been chosen.

Jovonne John is a 20-year-old resident of Lower Questelles, and is currently employed as a cashier at her aunt’s restaurant.

“I am so honoured!” she gushed. “It’s the first time we’re having Carib Girls in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and being appointed Head Girl, that makes me proud!”

Brimming with confidence, John revealed that she was expecting this success because she felt she was a cut above the other contestants.

“No offense to any of the other girls!” she was quick to add. “Whenever I go for something, I put my best foot forward.”

Juverni Compton is a 20-year-old resident of Barrouallie. She hopes to make good use of her studies in Food & Beverages and Home Economics to establish a career in the restaurant industry.

Compton said that she is surprised to have made it to the end because she doubted her suitability for the competition. However, she forged ahead after friends urged her to take part.

“I was like nah, I don’t have a sexy body like that. But they [her friends] were like ‘Yes, girl. Go ahead’!”

Redemption Sharpes resident Korisha Lee was also confident that she would be chosen as one of the final four.

Like John and Compton, she does not have any prior modelling experience, but did not for a second think it would hinder her chances.

The 22-year-old has ambitions of becoming a model or actress – citing her favourite actress as Jennifer Lopez. Lee said that she tries to emulate Lopez’s poise and acting ability.

However, when asked if, like Lopez, she also sings, Lee replied: “Only in the shower!”

Rickesha Douglas is the only one of the winners who has modeling experience. The 20-year-old currently holds the title of Miss Layou 2010.

A Layou resident, Douglas exclaimed: “Yes, please!” when asked if she had expected to make the final cut.

Prior to entering the competition, she had applied to join the British Navy, and had a keen interest in undertaking a Cosmetology course in Barbados.

However, those plans have been put on hold while she fulfills her contract with Carib Beer.(JV)