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Errol Joslyn still on the road to recovery

Errol Joslyn still on the road to recovery


Sixty-year-old Errol Joslyn, who fell from the roof of his home last year, has still not past the worst.{{more}}

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, during the passage of Hurricane Tomas, Joslyn, of Georgetown, fell from his house roof as he was trying to secure it from heavy winds and torrential rain.

Joslyn who was hospitalized for two months at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is now back at home. He, however, has to do surgery on his brain to repair a Subdural Hematoma and a third nerve palsy.

A Subdural Hematoma is a form of traumatic brain injury in which blood gathers within the outermost meningeal layer of the brain, between the dura mater, which is attached to the skull, and the arachnoid mater enveloping the brain. A third nerve palsy is what results from the damage to the third cranial nerve or a branch thereof.

Damage to this nerve will result in the individual being unable to move their eye or eye lid normally.

Joslyn received this diagnosis after traveling to Trinidad and Tobago to do an MRI scan. Joslyn’s common-law wife Odette Letten speaking to Searchlight on Wednesday, January 6, 2011, stated that Joslyn is doing well. However, she is requesting assistance from the public in order for him to do the surgery.

She explained that doctors in Trinidad emphasized the urgency of the situation. The surgery costs TT$68,000 (EC$ 34,000).

Letten said that any assistance would be appreciated, as “it would go along way.” She added that physically Joslyn only has a few ailments. His right eye lid remains closed as a result of his head injury. Letten said that the doctors told her that he will be able to open his eye lid once the surgery is done. She added that his left hand, from his wrist, is swollen. She added that Joslyn’s memory is still sketchy, and he still does not remember when he fell on October 30.

Letten has provided the National Commercial Bank account #1103972 for persons interested in making donations, or they can reach her at telephone #529-1621.