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Carriere beats Stubbs and Point to ‘Best Nine Mornings Community’

Carriere beats Stubbs and Point to ‘Best Nine Mornings Community’


It was back to winning ways for the community of Carriere which copped the ‘Best Nine Mornings Community’ award for 2010, beating Stubbs and Point to second and third place, respectively.{{more}}

Carriere went one up to better the second place finish occupied in 2009 and 2008 to claim their fourth title, having won in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

But this would be by far the most rewarding victory ever, according to Jennifer Richardson, coordinator of the Nine Mornings activities in Carriere.

“It was tough. There were times I felt like quitting, but it was well worth it,” Richardson told SEARCHLIGHT.

She further explained that with all the activities leading up to the festive season, including the December 13 General Elections and other work related commitments, it became extremely difficult at times.

Nevertheless, Richardson said that she and the rest of the committee feel justly rewarded for the hard work put in.

Whether it was the renowned guinea pepper and peppermint tea, coffee, salt fish and bakes or soup, Richardson says that the event was well supported.

There were some new activities added to this year’s lineup she added.

“We knew that we had to come with something new this year.”

One such activity was the ‘Best back in time wedding dress competition’.

“That bowled people over,” Richardson said.

Other competitions such as the best Sports outfit, bread eating and the needle and thread competitions proved to be a hit, while providing good all round entertainment, the Carriere Nine Mornings coordinator added.

Amid the joy of having won a fourth title, Richardson said that the future of the festival does not look too bright, mainly because of the lack of volunteerism among some community members.

She acknowledged the hard work put in by the other committee members and other persons, including Michael ‘Tammo’ Richardson, Muriel Richardson, Lawrence Webb, Morris Latham, Joel ‘The Super’ Richardson, Lily Dabreo and Merlene Bailey.

“Even though we are really happy that we won, you look at it and you reflect on if you can do it again,” Richardson said.

“There is no money to be made in Nine Mornings, it is done out of love for community and it is important in our village if you know where we are coming from, it is important to keep something like this going,” she explained, saying that Carriere has moved away from the negative connotation as being a violent place, to one that stages one of the best pre-Christmas festivities.

Richardson said that she is, however, motivated by the children who gather in the wee hours of the morning for an opportunity to have a Merry Christmas.

“I pray and am hoping that it (Nine Mornings in Carriere) continues. We don’t want to see it die,” she said. (DD)