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Wiseman – More certified courses for Vincentians in 2011

Wiseman – More certified courses  for Vincentians in 2011


The Caribbean Education Council Incorporated intends to provide more certified courses for Vincentians come January 2011.{{more}}

This was communicated by Chairman and Public Relations Officer of the Council, Sturnimus Wiseman, who elaborated on the company’s 2011 plans during a press conference on Monday, December 20, at the Ministry of Finance Conference Room.

The company, which was incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2005, offers educational assistance to students from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, and also offers various programmes.

Wiseman stated that the council hopes to introduce six -month certified programmes in the areas of Hotel and Tourism, Business Management, and Computer training.

He added that the council has sought assistance from the relevant ministries in Government to provide persons to train students. Wiseman disclosed that the ministries have not yet responded to the Council’s requests. However, the Council will begin the programmes in January, using teachers from other credited universities, if the ministry’s resources are unavailable.

Wiseman also stated that the Council hopes to have a regional Bi-annual conference in Trinidad, where issues pertaining to the future of the council will be discussed. He stated issues such as the setting up of a Caribbean Trust Corporation, which will act as a cooperative, will be used for providing persons with scholarships. He also mentioned a Caribbean Scholarship Foundation, among other initiatives.

Wiseman also announced the other members of the three-member Board of Directors of the local council. Janeaita Lavia will serve as Secretary, while Grantley Adams will serve as the Deputy to the Secretary.