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Doyle: Inspect meat before consumption

Doyle: Inspect meat before consumption


Meat lovers throughout the state are being warned by this country’s Acting Chief Environment Health Officer, Rupert Doyle to have their meat inspected before consumption.{{more}}

Doyle said persons killing animals for commercial and domestic use should contact his office to have inspectors inspect the animals prior to and after their deaths. He said it is important that an ante mortem inspection is done because this will determine whether the animal is fit for consumption.

He warned that persons killing animals for consumption without inspection can cause diseases to reach the food chain. Diseases identified that can transfer from animal to humans are tubercolis and leptospirosis.

“Even though you are going on a goat cook, you should have your meat inspected,” Doyle warned.

He said in the event that an animal is not fit for consumption, the owner will be contacted by the veterinary division and the animal will be allowed to get the appropriate treatment.

Doyle also mentioned that persons who will be slaughtering animals must be medically fit.

“They must see the doctor so that they could present a certificate to show that they are fit. And, also when we inspect the animals, persons who come and buy the meat can ask for the certificate the inspectors will give the animal passing inspection,” said Doyle.

“You do not just go and buy meat without asking for the certification,” said Doyle.

Doyle also cautioned that the environment where the meat is stored must be clean and the meat must be protected from the natural elements.

Doyle advised the public to contact the Public Health Department at 456-1991 or 456-111 Ext 521 to make arrangements to have their animals and meat inspected. (HN)