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GECCU brings Christmas cheer to children of Chester Cottage

GECCU brings Christmas cheer to children of Chester Cottage


General Employees Cooperative Credit Union’s (GECCU) management and staff brought Christmas early to the children of Chester Cottage on the weekend.{{more}}

The Chester Cottage Community Centre buzzed with activities on Sunday, December 19, as the children of that community particpated in various activities, including a quiz, bouncy castle, and a chair game.

In the first competition, where children tried to be the first to grab a seat when the disc jockey’s music stopped, Anthony Williams and Tewana Burke successfully eliminated their contenders. However, when the competition narrowed to them vying for the single seat, Williams tactically captured it to be adjudged the winner.

Likewise, in the second chair game, Ajay Moore defeated Shakira Grant. Prior to the competition boiling down to them both, Moore and Grant had outwitted other children participating in the game to vie for a spot in the final.

The children attending the Christmas party giggled with excitement and were all treated with educational gifts, books, puzzles and toys, as well as snacks.

Cornelia Moses, GECCU’s Operations Officer, said the Christmas party was born out of an intiative that GECCU Savers had staged.

Following the passage of Hurricane Tomas, members of GECCU Savers journeyed to Chester Cottage and provided lunch for 125 children housed at the Chester Cottage Community Centre.

Shortly after this venture, the organization’s management and staff took the initiative to stage a Christmas party for all the children of the community. GECCU Savers is a social club that fosters closer interaction among the company’s staff.

“This is about fulfilling our objective as a corporate social organization.

It is also about focusing on the youth,” said Moses.

Disclosing other activities that GECCU is involved in that cater to children, Moses said the credit union has a cooperative programme which sponsors 30 schools with the aim of them establishing their own cooperatives. She said the goal is to establish thrift at an early age.

She also mentioned GECCU’s Junior Savers programme, which allows parents to set up a deposit account for their children.

“GECCU is from the cradle to the grave,” said Moses.

The credit union has a GECCU Scholarships and Bursaries programme, where members can apply on behalf of their children.